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Customer Relationship Management is vital to growing your business.  A CRM software tracks your interactions with your constituents.  Unfortunately, the high price of most CRM solutions puts this out of reach for most small businesses.

enterprise-crmTo fit this need, GoTell Technologies is proud to offer hosting services for vTiger - a web-based CRM software that will enable your organization to fully manage the process of soliciting sales or donations from your constituents.

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Features Include:

  • Create and manage Leads
  • Create and manage Accounts (i.e. current customer or donor)
  • Generate professional Quotes for an upcoming sale
  • Produce a Sales Order and generate an Invoice for that sale
  • Schedule Phone Calls, Tasks, and Emails that need to be completed in the future
  • Manage inventory of your product
  • Create Account-specific pricing
  • Ability to create and run Reports
  • Customize the fields in your database to set custom information for your Accounts, Contacts, Sales, etc.


GoTell Technologies will host your vTiger installation for a flat rate of $10/month (billed quarterly).  Or choose our annual hosting package for $100/year.

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