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GoTell-WebAppThe GoTell WebApp is an easy-to-use website platform.  Designed to provide your organization with enterprise-level features, the GoTell WebApp is your portal into every aspect of your online presence.

The GoTell WebApp provides your organization access to advanced website features normally offered only to large businesses.  Built with small businesses and non-profits in mind, the GoTell WebApp is versatile enough to meet any budget, yet scalable to handle large volumes of traffic and users.

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Full-featured Content Management System (CMS)

content-management-systemCreate and manage your content using the GoTell WebApp Content Editor.  Modify text, change the way text is displayed, upload images and video, create links to other pages/areas of your website - all without the need for a costly website developer!

Advanced User Management Tools

user-managementKeep track of your users with the GoTell User Management Tool.  Assign flags based upon the type of user or the types of interactions a user has had with your organization.  Keep track of customer sales or donor activity.  Import and Export your users to sync with an external database.


ecommerceSet up a full-featured web store to promote your products.  Categorize your products and create an entire web-based catalog online.  Process credit card payments and be alerted when an order is placed.  Inventory levels are automatically decreased as orders are placed, and you can export your orders for shipping and fulfillment.

Donation Management

donateWith the needs of non-profit organizations in mind, the GoTell WebApp provides easy access for your constituents to make donations to your cause.  Customize your donation campaigns to allow for giving to specific funds.

Mass Email

emailCreate and send professional newsletters using the GoTell WebApp Email feature.  Our system keeps track of detailed statistics such as Email Opens, Click Throughs, Unsubscribes, and Bounces.  Auto-generate your own newsletters based upon your site content.  Create campaigns to target more specific segments of your user-base.

Forms and Surveys

formsPoll your users for their opinion on a subject.  Or use a form to allow a constituent to submit an application, provide personal data, or request additional information from your website.  Have an administrator notified via Email when new data is entered.

Web 2.0 Social Networking Features

social-networkingProvide links for your users to "like" the content on your website.  Or turn your website into it's own social networking platform.  Allow users to interact with your forum, leave comments on your articles, form connections to one another and interact as a private group with private Email and Forums.


rssDo you want to resyndicate content from another website?  You can automatically poll other websites and rebroadcast content from a partner's website.  Additionally, you can post your own RSS feeds and allow your users to read your content through the RSS reader of their choice.

Weekly Backups

backupLet's face it - things don't always go as planned.  That is why we ensure that every GoTell Technologies website is fully backed up on a regular basis.  In the event that something catastrophic happens with your website, we can have your site restored to the last backup quickly.

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