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website-optimizationThere's more to having a successful Internet presence than simply having a website.  Your site needs to have traffic driven to it by the major search engines.  And your site needs to communicate effectively with your audience.  GoTell Technologies will work with you to ensure that your site is fully optimized to meet all of your goals.

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Site Analytics

site-analyticsIf not installed already, a GoTell representative will get your organization set up with Google Analytics and help you interpret the data.  You will learn the typical browsing habits of your users:  What do they click on?  How did they get to your site?  What content are they finding?  What content are they missing?

Your GoTell representative will then work with you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current content hierarchy and offer suggestions to increase the successfulness of your message.

SEO for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in boosting your rankings on the search engines.  GoTell Technologies will assist you in identifying specific keywords that relate to the content on your website.  SEOWe will then review the Site Analytics from your website to determine the current effectivness of those keywords on your website.

Items that will be reviewed include the content on your website, the organizational structure on your website, keywords used throughout your content, meta-data, and links from partner and affiliate websites.  Your GoTell representative will provide a series of recommendations designed to boost your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Keyword Advertising

GoTell Technologies can assist you in your paid advertising for sponsored links and advertising.  We will make recommendations on the types of advertising you should focus on, keywords to purchase, and can further design and implement the ad for you.  Additionally, GoTell Technologies is committed to your success and can fully manage your web marketing account for you.


Pricing for Website Optimization Services varies depending upon specific market and size of client website (in terms of content).  Generally, an initial analysis is performed at a flat rate. On-going optimization efforts will be billed hourly depending upon the needs of your organization.

Pricing for Keyword Advertising varies per client request.  You decide how much you want to spend, and we manage that process for you.

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